We want to make sure that ministry at New Hope doesn't only happen on Sunday morning for 1 hour. We want to equip families to continue their discipleship journey during the other 167 hours of the week. The curriculum we use (ORANGE) provides tons of great resources to help us accomplish this. Below you will find the "Parent Cue Resources" for our Children's Ministry. We hope you find these resources an encouragement and a useful resource to make disciples in your family!

Parent Cue is a collection of resources designed to help parents lead their children and families to be disciples of Jesus. Below you will find a link to the Parent Cue website that has wonderful articles and  videos for your use. Also, you will find a link to the Parent Cue Podcast which is a great resource for learning from experts and experienced parents. Finally, you will find a link to our monthly and weekly Parent Cue Sheets. These sheets coincide with the material that your child is learning at NHCC. 


1) Parent Cue Website

2) Parent Cue Podcast

3) NHCC Parent Cue Sheet (Click Here for April 2017 )


Below you will find a link to the weekly lesson pages (God Time) for your child. You can click on the link and print out the guide for each week of the material. Each sheet has an interactive devotional for your child for 4 days of the week. 


1) Humility - Week 1

2) Humility- Week 2

3) Humility- Week 3

4) Humility-Week 4

5) Humility- Week 5